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Factory Pattern : In this video we have explained how factory helps you decouple two systems using a factory class and interface. Video explains factory with a sample c# code demonstration using two  concrete invoice classes and decoupling them using a interface. A must to see video for developer who are still confused what factory pattern is all about.

Prototype :- Many times developers need to create clone of objects. So lets say you have a invoice object which is prefilled with data and you would like to create a complete new clone of the invoice object so that the original object data is not changed. Prototype pattern helps you to clone a complete by VAL copy of a object. This video demonstrates prototype pattern by using a simple class and then cloning the class using Clone method of the parent .NET object class. Awesome video....

DI and IOC :- Every developers dreams of decoupled system. Every one dreams there should be a way we can inject dependencies of a class on fly rather than using the new keyword. This video demonstrates how we can use DI IOC to get to a decoupled system.

Mediator :- As project moves ahead interaction code between components become complex and complex. It would be nice to move these interaction code in some other section and make the integration between the system much clean...BANG ...Mediator is meant for the same. This video demonstrates  how a complex UI code is simplified using mediator pattern.

Command :- As a architect you would like to wrap up actions as classes. Command pattern helps you to achieve the same. In this video we have demonstrated how the window menu action command are encapsulated as objects and how we can reuse them as needed.....Must to watch video.