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.NET Fundamental training interview question and answer videos

This is the most important section in .NET interviews Basics. Its possible in interviews you do not know higher end technologies like WCF , Entity framework , Azure etc , but not answering simple .NET questions like generics , reflection can eliminate you in the first round itself.

In this section the videos starts with basics of IL code , CLR common language run time , CTS common type systems and Just in time JIT compilers. In this section we have shown sample demos for each of these core concepts.

Some time interviewer probe in to what are the different kind of JIT , this section also has a nice videos which demonstrates what are different kind of JIT compilers and how to NGEN exe.

CAS (Code access security) is not much used but the most asked in interviews. We have two dedicated videos which explain what is CAS with sample demonstration and then what are the changes made for CAS in 4.0.

Garbage collector the most talked topic in .NET interviews. We have 2 solid videos for garbage collector one which explains what is GC and the different generations and the second video show the importance of Idisposable interface from GC performance point of view.

There is one saying in .NET interviews .NET interview is not completed without a question on delegates and events. We have four rock star videos which talks about delegates, events, multicast delegates, differences between delegates and event and how to call a delegate asynchronously.

Sometimes .NET interviewers are really silly to ask questions like stack, heap , value type , reference type , boxing and unboxing. We have 2 great videos which explain all these concepts with sample demonstration so that you can talk about them well in interviews.

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