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Professional faculty based online courses

QuestPond is pleased to announce its professional online faculty based courses. We have following listed courses for various topics which will make you IT career professional. Attend training through online Live Meeting and get trained yourself, no need to go to any classes.

In order to take the courses online we recommend you to take a demo lecture and check live meeting in your PC first and then pay the money.

Below are the steps you need to follow to take the course online: -

  • Through ZOOM platform.
  • Connect with our technical team at questpond@questpond.com and check that you can log in to our ZOOM and you can communicate.
  • Decide the time when you want to take the course.
  • Small batches with maximum strength of 3 to 5 students.
  • Take the course from your house or office.

Following are the courses with their fee structure: -

Training Topic Duration Fees in INR & USD($) Batch Strength
Project based MVC Core View More 16 hrs 22000 INR (334$ USD) 3 students
Project based Angular View More 13 hrs 22000 INR (334$ USD) 3 students
MVC Core with Angular View More 29 hrs 37000 INR (530$ USD) 3 students
MSBI & SQL training View More 28 hrs 37000 INR (530$ USD) 3 students
Hibernate and Spring Training in Java View More 23 hrs 25000 INR (360$ USD) 3 students
C# Fundamentals View More 18 hrs 22000 INR (334$ USD) 3 students

So give your time and we guarantee your upgradation......email us at questpond@questpond.com, questpond@gmail.com, questpond@yahoo.com or else you can call us at +91-9967590707/ +91-22-49786776

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