Hibernate and Spring Training in Java

23 Hours Live Training with Recordings

Trainer: Vishwanathan Narayanan

What you'll learn :-

It is a 14 Days combined Training & Practicals on Hibernate and Spring Training in Java.

8 Months Java Videos Subscription Program.
Doubt clearing related to Training Program.

Training Content


1: Introduction to Hibernate

o Drawbacks of direct JDBC

o Plain Old Java Object (POJO)

o What is O-R Mapping

o Simple Database Application


2: Hibernate Configuration

o Required JAR Files

o Hibernate configuration File

o Hibernate properties File

o Hibernate XML File

o SQL Dialects


3: Hibernate Concepts

o Id and Primary Key

o Id Generation Methods

o SessionFactory

o Session

o Transaction

o Developing CRUD Application


4: Hibernate O-R Mapping

o Mapping Declarations

o Modeling Composition with


o Modeling Composition with


o One-to-One Association

o One-to-Many Association

o Many-to-Many Association

o Uni and Bidirectional Associations

o Hibernate Value Types

o Custom Types


5: Manipulating and Querying

o Persistent Objects

o Object Loading

o Executing Queries

o Iterating Results

o Scalar Results

o Bind Parameters Pagination


6: Hibernate Query Language

o Select clause

o From clause

o Where clause

o Aggregate functions

o Expressions

o Sorting

o Grouping

o Sub queries


7: Criteria Queries

o Creating Criteria

o Narrowing the Result

o Ordering the Result


8: Native SQL

o Using SQL Query

o Named SQL Query

o Using Stored Procedure for Querying

o Creating Custom SQL for CRUD


9: Transaction and Concurrency

o Session and Transaction Scopes

o Database Transaction Demarcation

o Optimistic Concurrency Control

o Pessimistic Concurrency Control

o Connection Release Modes




Spring Basics

o What is Spring Framework

o Inversion of Control

o Dependency Injection

o Bean Factory

o Developing First Spring Application


 Spring Container

o Built-in Bean Factories

o Application Context

o Wiring Beans

o Bean Lifecycle in Container

o Spring Events


 Spring AOP

o Introduction to AOP

o Role of AOP in Spring

o AOP Advice

o AOP Pointcuts

o Spring AOP Introductions

o ProxyFactoryBean


 Spring Data Access

o JDBC Abstraction Layer

o Data Access Exceptions

o DAO Support


 Spring O-R /mapping

o What is O-R Mapping

o O-R Mapping support in Spring

o Hibernate Support / Mapping


 Spring Web MVC Framework

o Web MVC Architecture

o Role of DispatcherServlet

o Controller

o Handler

o View Resolving

o Data Binding

o File Upload Support


 Securing Spring Application

o Acegi Security System for Spring

o Authentication

o Access Control

o Web Application Security

o Method Invocation Security   

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03 Hours

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  • Bench has zero learning curve
  • We handle the rest.