Learn Angular Step by Step

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by ShivPrasad Koirala

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Learn Angular Step by Step


42 Videos and Essential Source Code

Online Access with Download Facility

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What you'll learn :

Understanding Node NPM, CLI, VS, TypeScript and Webpack build tool. 
Understanding Module and Component architecture in Angular. 
Understanding important properties of component like templateurl, styleurl and selector.
Understanding configuration files like Angular JSON, tsconfig JSON, package JSON file and semantic versioning.
Understanding Routing, router-outlet, routeLink and Lazy loading.
Angular validation using formgroup, formcontrols and validators.
Creating loosely coupled architecture using DI (Dependency Injection) and providers.
Implementing reusable user controls using input , output and event emitters.
Making http calls, understanding httpclient , http interceptors and fixing double entry problem.
Integrating Angular with visual Studio, MVC core and WebAPI.
Unit testing using Jasmine and Karma.

Our Demo Video :

Learn Angular 6.X, 7.X Step By Step
Lab 1: - Running your first Angular Application.
Lab 2: - Creating the Customer UI, Model and Component.
Lab 3: - Angular Routing: Creating Master pages and navigations
Lab 4: - Increasing Performance using Lazy Loading.
Lab 5: - Implement Validations in Angular.
Lab 6: - Angular Dependency Injection.
Lab 7:- Input,output and event emitters.
Lab 8:- Make HTTP calls using Angular Components.
Lab 9: - Integrating MVC Core with Angular using Visual Studio.
Lab 10: - Migratting Angular 6 to Angular 7
Lab 11: - Unit Testing in Angular using Jasmine & Karma.
Question 1: - Can we have multiple components in Startup?

Learn Angular 1.X, 2.X and 4.X
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 1: - Modules,Components, ng-model & expressions (1 hr)
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) How to open Angular 2 Source code
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 2: - 1-way/2-way binding, interpolations, template binding, event binding & cloning.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 3: - @Input, @Output & Eventemitters.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 4: - Angular Component Life Cycle.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 5: - Providers, Services and Dependency Injection.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 6: - SPA(Single Page Application) using Routing.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 7: - Validation using Angular forms.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 8: - Making HTTP POST calls to REST service(WebAPI) using Angular 2.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 9: - Lazy loading using Angular 2.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 10: - Use WebPack for Angular 2 application.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 11: - Use VS Code Editor.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 12: - Migration Angular 2.X to Angular 4.X.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X) Lab 13: - Auxiliary router outlet / Named router outlet.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 14: - PathLocation & HashLocation Strategy.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 15: - Using JQuery in Angular 2/4.
(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 16: - Pipes in Angular 2/4.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 1: - $scope, $rootscope, controller, models, expression & debugging.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 2: - Digest Cycle, watchers, One time, $watch and $apply.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 3: - Services and Factory
(Angular 1.X)Lab 4: - Using $http service with WebAPI as back end.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 5: - Custom Directives, Restrict and Isolation Scope.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 6: - Deferred and Promises.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 7: - Angular Unit Testing using Jasmine.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 8: - Implementing SPA using Angular Route and Angular UI Router.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 9: - Emit, BroadCast and On Events.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 10: - Filters in Angular.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 11: - JQuery with AngularJS.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 12: - Dot Rule and Controller AS Keyword.
(Angular 1.X)Lab 13: - Angular Provider (Constant, Values, Provider, Service and Decorator).

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