Live Faculty based special training for QuestPond's long 5 years validity subscribers on Saturday

Please note: Sunday special SQL Performance Tuning training will be commencing from Sunday 09th June 2019 timing 09:00 PM India time(IST) onwards.

Currently running Step by Step Training on MVC Core by Shivprasad Koirala

We at QuestPond conduct weekend training through GoToTraining on every Saturday for QuestPond active long 5 years validity members. At QuestPond, we along with trainer simplify complex topics and deliver it in simpler training. Starting from Sat 06th July 2019 Step by Step Training on MVC Core, timing 09:00 PM(IST) India time onwards.

Below are the features of the training: -

  • Training are conducted by professional trainer from corporate holding huge experience and technical expertise.
  • Training agenda along with dates are e-mailed prior in advance to all subscribers.
  • Training is provided with real world examples.
  • Queries related to training or topics which is not understood is explained again.
  • If queries is not solved during training you can email us and we will reply all your queries.

Starting from Sat 06th July 2019 on MVC Core every Saturday evening time 09:00 PM(IST) India time onwards

Chapter Details
Understanding MVC architecture: In this we will give broader view of learning and understanding for MVC architecture.
Understanding project structure of MVC core: In this we will look upon project structure of MVC core, Startup.cs, appsetting.json , IIS , Kestrel
Request pipelines and middle wares: In this we will see how to put pre-processing and post-processing logic.
Routing, Route constraints: Creating route, validation, user friendly URLs.
Models and strongly typed views: Creating strong models and binding with views.
Razor view and its syntax structure: Understanding Razor syntaxes , single and multiline
DI and IOC (Transient, Scoped, Singleton and Factory): Practicing different dependency injection mechanisms
Authentication and Authorization: Ticket based authentication with MVC core
Creating a simple screen with Data annotation validation and EF: Simple UI CRUD application with EF core
WebAPI: WebAPI and following WebAPI standards.

How to login into virtual training room?

Training link and other training related info is available under “Training section” of subscription portal, kindly login into your subscription account and check updated training link on Sat and Sun evening time after 8 PM(IST) India time for updated info. You can enter in to training room on or after 8:30 PM(IST) India time.

Our online training is conducted using GoToTraining

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