Frequent FAQ's on QuestPond Subscription

Are these videos, just interview question or its in-depth?

The format of the training is in Questions and answers format but the videos are very in-depth, demonstrated in a practical manner so that you understand the subject. You can watch our demo video section on to get a better understanding of our qualities.

What are the different types of subscriptions?

There are two kinds of subscription one is online with 8 months validity and the other is long validity of 5 years online subscription + Pen drive delivery. In online you get User ID and Password after the payment and you can download the videos for offline viewing with no validity on downloaded videos as well you can view them view/surf/online. In long validity i.e. 5 years duration online subscription + Pen drive you get both Pen drive as well as the online access with long validity. With 5 years duration subscription you get greate benefits and support from us and Pen drive option is very useful for people who have limited bandwidth and no DVD-drive in their system.

The .NET package for online cost’s 3700 INR(8 months duration) and 5 years long subscription validity with Pen drive delivery within India its 9500 INR while Pen drive delivery outside India cost 11500 INR/185$ USD. You can buy the same from

For Java its 2500 Indian Rupees/40$ online subscription with download facility. You can buy the Java package from

With this subscription, what more benefits do we get?

  • Updated Videos First – On weekly basis we upload new videos under online subscription program site. You can avail new videos just by logging into your online subscription account and then you can view and download the new videos. So whenever new videos are uploaded it will be available to subscriber in package option they select for coming 8 months or 5 years respectively.
  • Online Trainings – At QuestPond we conduct weekly online training taken by a Live Faculty usually on Saturday @ 9:00 PM India time. Training session would be interactive so that you can ask questions or doubts if any for current training session in the class itself.(Only for long validity duration subscriber)
  • Mock Interview Rounds – If you are preparing for the interview then we provide support by taking mock interview rounds so that you get prepared and enough confidence before going for the actual interview.(3 mock during 8 months duration and unlimited for long validity duration subscriber)
  • Doubt Clearing Session Related to Videos – Support for videos related doubts through email and if not solved through mail we will then provide Skype support to the subscribers.(email support for 8 months duration and unlimited email/Skype priority support for long validity duration subscriber)
  • After knowing details now how to became subscription holder?

    Internationally issued debit/credit card account holder can use PayPal (secured and Veri-sign gateway) to do the payment in dollars($). This is the 1st option available as PayPal's BuyNow button.

    India's netbanking/debit/credit card account holder can use CCAvenue (secured and Veri-sign gateway) to do the payment in INR. This is the 2nd option available just below PayPal's BuyNow button.

    For people who do not have access to PayPal gateway in their country they can use Master/VISA credit card to do payment in CCAvenue.

    What is the duration of the online subscription?

    Its 8 months and long validity duration is 5 years.

    Are there separate cost for each video section or it is all one cost?

    We do not have separate cost for each videos section its only one cost. So if you buy .NET it’s just one cost i.e. 3700 INR or 9500 INR(within India) and 11500 INR(outside India) for all the videos. In the same way Java also has only one cost 2500 INR.

    Can I custom tailor/customize the package?

    No, currently we do not sell Design Pattern separately nor UML separately etc. It adds lots of complications for us. So it’s just one BIG package with ONE cost.

    So will the Pen drive have all the videos what you have online?

    We update the Pen drive on a regular basis.

    Can I order Pen drive only at 3700 INR?

    No , we do not have only Pen drive option. The actual product is online but due to bandwidth restriction in India we have kept the Pen drive option.

    How much days does the Pen drive takes to reach?

    For Indian location it takes 3 to 5 working days (Note: - Sundays are holidays). For USA it takes 7 to 9 working days. For rest of the location it takes 14 to 16 working days.

    What if the Pen drive is damaged or found not working?

    You need to return the Pen drive back so that we can replace the same. You can return the Pen drive through Indian Postal service or any low cost courier. Non-working Pen drive issue should be reported within 1 day after you receive it thereafter change in Pen drive request would not be accepted. Please do not bother us for any Pen drive issues in your inactive subscription period.

    What is the refund procedure?

    If you do not find the product as your fit, you need to get back within 24 hrs. Your amount will be refunded deducting payment gateway + service charges.

    How do I resubscribe after 8 months?

    Re-subscription after 8 months is 1800 Indian rupees or 29$ below half the actual rate.

    Note: Above renewal cost implies if you renew within 6 months after expiry thereafter cost will be 2300 INR(36$)/8 months. For more than 1 year of expiry will cost 3000 INR(50$) for 8 months.

    How do I get access to the videos?

    You get credentials in your email ID.

    I see 1500 INR in some videos and the package is 3700 or 9500 INR?

    Some of the videos where you see 1500 INR are old videos which have been uploaded on YouTube and YouTube does not give the option to update the same.

    How do I trust this site?

    We have flashed our mobile number along with landline number you can call us on any of the numbers.

    We have published our physical address on contact page and also you can check feedbacks of our registered subscriber .

    We are registered private limited company in India with ROC (Registrar of companies).

    Our domain name is 9 years old now.

    After ordering how will you access the videos?

    Once you successfully place the order you will get access to online subscription in 10 mins. Credentials along with the log-in URL will be mailed at your mail ID. Check spam box incase if you are unable to find credentials in Inbox. Still if you are not able to locate credentials mail us on

    questpond@yahoo.comour team will make you available credentials as soon as possible. You can also reach us by calling +91-02266752917/+91-9967590707.

    Kindly Note: (1) QuestPond hold rights to do changes in the products/prices without prior informing.

    (2) DVD delivery to locations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gulf countries is not possible.

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