Live Faculty based training for 5 years registered QuestPond subscribers on Sunday

Sunday training on SQL Performance Tuning topic

We at QuestPond conduct weekend training through Microsoft Live Meeting on Sunday for 5 years registered QuestPond active members. At QuestPond, we along with trainer simplify complex topics and deliver it in simpler training. Starting from Sunday 09th June 2019 training on SQL Performance Tuning dedicated evening, timing 09:00 PM(IST) India time onwards.

Below are the features of the training: -

  • Training are conducted by MVP's or trainer from corporate with huge experience and technical expertise.
  • Training agenda along with dates are e-mailed prior in advance to all subscribers.
  • Training is provided with real world examples.
  • Queries related to training or topics which is not understood is explained again.
  • If queries is not solved during training you can email us and we will reply all your queries.

Starting from Sunday 09th June 2019 SQL Performance Tuning scheduled evening 09:00 PM(IST) India time onwards

Agenda for SQL Performance Tuning training

  • What is SQL plan and importance of the same from performance perspective.
  • Understanding logical and physical operators
  • Understanding how to read SQL plan and different parameters like IO, Physical reads, Logical reads
  • Understanding table scans vs Index scans and in what scenarios we should use what Indexed views and performance
  • Understanding operators of joins. Merge join, Hash join and nested join
  • Analysing logical operators of Aggregated functions.
  • Performance comparison of inner join vs Subquery
  • Importance of indexing on foreign keys and implications of the same
  • Concept of covering index , RID lookup and how it affects performance.
  • Understanding concept of page splits and how Performance of indexes on Insert, update and delete.
  • Fragmentation , defragmentation and DBCC concept and demonstration.
  • Implication of transactions and locks on performance.
  • Concept of Column store indexes, its limitation and performance from the aspect of OLAP
  • Importance of performance counters.
  • Measuring resource utilization of particular query and how to manage memory
  • Using tracing to check most used SQL utilization

How to login into virtual training room?

Training link and other training related info is available under “Training section” of subscription portal, kindly login into your subscription account and check updated training link on Sunday evening time after 8 PM(IST) India time for updated info. You can enter in to training room on or after 8:30 PM(IST) India time.

Our online training is conducted using GoTo Training

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