Learn MSBI STEP BY STEP, MSBI Interview Q&A and SQL Tutorial

43 MSBI Labs and Live training | Online Access with Download Facility

by Shivprasad Koirala & Gurunatha Dogi

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Learn MSBI STEP BY STEP, MSBI Interview Q&A and SQL Tutorial


43 MSBI Labs and Live training

Online Access with Download Facility

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What you'll learn :

This package will cover syllabus of SSIS, SSAS and SSRS components with complete hands-on practicals using latest MSBI(SSDT) and database(SQL Server) software versions. 

Added advantage with this package learners will also get covering code walkthrough practically pre-recorded video series of "Learn MSBI Step by Step" which include essentials theory/concepts, fundamentals and practical's for people who will be working on projects and preparing for their upcoming interviews. This course starts right from scratch beginning with installation do's and don'ts, New projects and so on.... moving to advanced level so that the learner can independently work upon projects on their own also job seekers can get prepared them selves with these materials for their upcoming interviews.

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Learn MSBI in 4 days with Project videos syllabus :- 

Lab 1 :- MSBI Fundamentals, Data flow, Control Flow, ETL, Dataware house. (SSIS)
Lab 1.1 MSBI Installation in Details (Upgrade Lab)
Lab 2:- Conditional split, Data conversion and Error handling. (SSIS)
Lab 3:- For Loop, Variables, Parameters and Debugging. (SSIS)
Lab 4:- Packaging and Deployment, File component and running SSIS package as a task.(SSIS)
Lab 5: - For dimension, measures, star schema, snow flake, shared connection managers & packages tasks.(SSIS)
Lab 6:- SCD, Type 0, Type 1, OLEDB Command and Unicode conversions.(SSIS)
Lab 7:- Lookup, Data conversion optimization and updating SSIS package.(SSIS)
Lab 8:- Sort, Merge and Merge Joins.(SSIS)
Lab 9 :- Creating SSAS Cube. (SSAS)
Lab 10:- SSAS Time series and Excel display.(SSAS)
Lab 11: - What are Transactions and CheckPoints in SSIS? (SSIS)
Lab12: - Simple SSRS report & implementing Matrix, Tabular, Parameters, Sorting, Expressions. (SSRS)
Lab 13:- Using Data Profiling task to check data quality. (SSIS)
Lab 14:- Hierarchical Dimensions. (SSAS)
Lab 15:- WebServices and XML Task. (SSIS)
Lab16:- DrillDown and Subreports. (SSRS)
Lab17 :- SSAS KPI (Key Performance Indicators). (SSAS)
Lab 18:- Pivot, UnPivot and Aggregation. (SSIS)
Lab 19 :- SSAS Calculation.(SSAS)
Lab 20:- SQL Execute Task. (SSIS)
Lab 21:- Reference and Many-to-Many Relationship. (SSAS)
Lab 22 :- Script Task and Send Mail Task. (SSIS)
Lab 23 :- Script component(SSIS)
Lab 24 :- Bar chart, Gauge and Indicators.(SSRS)
Lab 25:- Partitions in SSAS. (SSAS)
Lab 26 :- CDC(Changed Data Capture) in SSIS. (SSIS)
Lab 27:- Additive, Semiadditive and non-additive measures in SSAS.(SSAS)
Lab 28:- Buffer Size Tuning (SSIS)
Lab 29 :- How to implement Multithreading in SSIS?(SSIS)
Lab 30:- Processing SSAS cube in background.(SSAS)
Lab 31 :- Explain Asynchronous, Synchronous, Full, Semi and Non blocking Components. (SSIS)
Lab 32 :- SSRS Architecture and Deployment (SSRS)
Lab 33 :- DQS( Data Quality Services ) (SSIS)
Lab 34 :- Explain Tabular Model and Power Pivot (SSAS).
Lab 35 :- MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) Queries.(SSAS)
Lab 36 :- Data Mining (Fundamentals and Time Series Algorithm).(SSAS)
Lab 37 :- Page Split and Performance issues with SSIS.(SSIS)
Lab 38 :- Aggregations in SSAS.(SSAS)
Lab 40 :- Instrumentation using Data Taps (SSIS).
Lab 41:- Lookup caching modes and Cache Transform.
Lab 42: - Perspectives & Translations. (SSAS)
Lab 43 :- Tabular Training 1 :- Installation, Xvelocity, Vertipaq, DAX,Creating cubes,measures, KPI, Partition and Translation?

MSBI Live Training Recordings (by Gurunatha Dogi):-

* MSBI 2019 Installation* SSIS Architecture 
* ETL Process and understanding Conditional Split, Derived Component, Union All and Data Conversion Components
* SSIS Error Handling using Redirect Row and EventHandler : OnError : using SQL Execute Task, Multiple PAckages set as start up object.
* ForLoop, ForEachLoop, Sequence Container, Script Task, Execute SQL Task, Variables, Debugging, Break Point.
* Send Mail Through Send Script Task
* Transaction and CheckPoints.
* File System Task, Package Deployment, Scheduling SSIS Package From SQL Server Agent.
* Understand Sort and Types of Joins in SSIS and Insert Update Data using Merge Join. Incremental Load
* Understand OLAP, Star Schema, SnowFlake, Dimension and Facts and SSIS SCD and Lookup.
* Adding SSAS cube with Time Series to Star Schema with Excel Display.
* SSRS Reports (Matrix Tabular, Expression Parameters), SSRS DrillDown and Subreports.
* SSAS Hierarchical Dimensions, KPI, Calculations and Many-to-Many Relationship.
* MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) Queries.
* SSRS Bar Chart, Gauge and Indicators.

MSBI Interview Questions & Answers :-

MSBI Interview Questions and Answers - Part 1.
  • Question 1 - What is ETL Process with example?
  • Question 2 - Difference between control flow and data flow in SSIS?
  • Question 3 - Explain the architecture of SSIS?
  • Question 4 - Explain the types of Perfmon counters for SSIS?
  • Question 5 - Explain the types of Cache Mode in SSIS Lookup component?
MSBI Interview Questions and Answers - Part 2.
  • Question 6 - How to do Error Handling in SSIS.
  • Question 7 - Types of Containers in SSIS.
  • Question 8 - How to do SSIS Package Deployment to SQL Server?
  • Question 9 - What are Transactions?
  • Question 10 - What are Checkpoints?
MSBI Interview Questions and Answers - Part 3.
  • Question 11 : What is Logging in SSIS?
  • Question 12 : How to create File System Deployment?
  • Question 13 : Difference between Merge and Union All?
  • Question 14 : What is the Data Profiling task?
  • Question 15 : What is Precedence Constraints?
MSBI Interview Questions and Answers - Part 4.
  • Question 16 : What is Merge Join and explain its different types of Joins?
  • Question 17 : Difference between OLTP & OLAP.
  • Question 18 : What is Fact, Dimension, Cube, Star Schema and Snow Flake?
  • Question 19 : How to create a Cube in SSAS?
  • Question 20 : What is SCD?
MSBI Interview Questions and Answers - Part 5.
  • Question 21 :-  What is CDC?
  • Question 22 :- What is SSRS, what is Data Region, can embed/display SSRS Reports in any application, File extension and Code behind of SSRS Report.
  • Question 23 :- How to Deploy SSRS reports?
  • Question 24 :- Difference between Tabular and Matrix Report.
  • Question 25 :- What is Page Break in SSRS?
  • Question 26 :- Difference between Drilldown Report & Sub Report.
SQL Server Step by Step :-

Lab 1: - Basic Fundamentals Database, Tables, rows and columns.
Lab 2: - Primary key, foreign key, referential integrity and constraints.
Lab 3: - Database Normalization (1st, 2nd and 3rd normal forms).
Lab 4: - SQL basics(Select, Insert, Update and Delete).
Lab 5: - DDL (Data definition language) Queries.
Lab 6: - Transactions, Locks and Isolation level in SQL Server.
Lab 7: - ISNULL and Coalesce functions.
Lab 8: - Row_Number, Partition, Rank and DenseRank.
Lab 9: - Triggers, inserted and deleted tables.
Lab 10: - Instead of and after triggers.
Lab 11: - Denormalization, OLTP and OLAP.
Lab 12: - Understanding Star schema and Snow flake design.
Lab 13: - SQL Server 8 kb pages.
Lab 14: - Index and performances.
Lab 15: - Page Split and indexes.
Lab 16:- Clustered vs non-clustered.
Lab 17: - Stored procedures and their importance.
Lab 18: - Change Data Capture.
Lab 19: - Explain Columnstore Indexes?
Lab 20: - SQL Server agent.
Lab 21: - How can we implement Pivot & Unpivot in SQL Server?
SQL Performance Tuning :-

Basics:- Query plan, Logical operators and Logical reads
Point 1:- Unique keys improve table scan performance.
Point 2:- Choose Table scan for small & Seek scan for large records.
Point 3:- Use Covering index to reduce RID (Row Identifier) lookup.
Point 4:- Keep index size as small as possible.
Point 5:- use numeric as compared to text data type.
Point 6:- use indexed view for aggregated SQL Queries.
Point 7:- Database Engine tuning advisor is your best friend.
Part 1 - Profiler, Tuning advisor, Clustered/Non-clustered indexes,DBCC command & Reading SQL Plan, OLTP & OLAP.
Part 2 - Estimated vs Actual plan/rows, SQL Plan revised, Table/Index scan, Indexes seek, Physical/Logical opertn, Execution mode, columnstore, Rebinds, Rewinds, Nested loop, Hash/Merge join.
Part 3 - Interleaved Execution, Fragmentation, Performance counters, Page splits and Unused Indexes.
Part 4 - Extended events, RID lookup and Covering indexes.
Part 5 - Indexed views, Page splits & unused indexes, Dead locks, Query store Parameter sniffing Statistics.
Part 6 - Inline vs Stored procedure SQL, Cache miss, Cache hit, Parameter sniffing and Query store.Part 7 - Partitioning, Wait stats, Resource Governor, Inmemory Tables 

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  • Learn MSBI STEP BY STEP, MSBI Interview Q&A and SQL Tutorial

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