Learn Xamarin Step by Step

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Trainer: ShivPrasad Koirala

What you'll learn :-

Xamarin software development tools that allows users to create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using the C# programming language and the.NET framework. The.NET Framework serves as the foundation for Xamarin. It enables the development of apps that can run on multiple platforms. This course teaches step by step learning of  Xamarin.

Learn Xamarin Step by Step Lesson

  • Xamarin Basic.Lesson
  • Activity, Resources and Assets.Lesson
  • Xamarin Android Activity life cycle .Lesson
  • Dialog boxes and Intents in Xamarin.Lesson
  • Multiforms and passing data between them.Lesson
  • Debugging real physical phones.Lesson
  • Services, Implicit & Explicit Intent.Lesson
  • Gestures , Multitouch and Pinch.

10 Lessons

03 Hours

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