Project Based Power BI Training Step by Step

30 Hours Live Training

Trainer: Gurunatha Dogi

What you'll learn :-

Become Power BI Expert with our project based live training. Complete below given syllabus will be covered in this training.

Training Content

Learn Power BI Step by Step :-

Introduction :-
Power BI Architecture
Components Power BI
Excel vs Power BI
Installation of Power BI Desktop

Power BI Data Sources and Datasets :-
Power BI Data Sources and Connectingto DBs like SQL, Mysql
Power BI File Sources: Flat File and Excel Sorce - Fetching Data from Different Files
Power BI Web Sources
Working with Import and Direct Queries
Data Sources and Datasets
Cleaning Dataset and Reverting changesto Dataset
Define Relationships between tables
Creating Custom Tables
Power BI Editor Features :-
Merge Queries and Append Queries
Working with BI Editor Transformations
BI Editor Hierarchies
BI Pivot and Unpivot
Creating Index and Custom Columns
Group by Functionality in BI Editor

Power BI Visualization :-
Working with visualizations
Working with table and matrix visuals
Working with different filters
Data visualization with power bi
Gauge and Cards

Chart Report Properties :-
Chart report types and properties
Stacked Bar, Stacked Columns chart
Clustered Bar, Clustered Column Chart
Line area, stacked area charts
Line and stacked row charts
Line and stacked columns charts
Waterfall chats, scatter chart, pie chart

Power BI Advanced Features :-
Working with Data Hierarchies
Inbuild Slicers and Custom Slicers
Data Slicers
Working with reference lines
Developing KPIs
Parameters and Types
Linking Parameters with Datasets
How to apply star schema and snowflakedesign
Performance Optimization
Power BI Templates
Difference between Reports andTemplates
Importing Custom Visualizations
Understanding Relationships : Many toOne and One to many

Power BI DAX functions :-
M Language vs DAX
DAX Syntaxs and Data Types
Dax Functions
Calculated Measures using DAX
Parameters with DAX
Dynamic Report Filters, Expressions,Variables
Functions: Date, String and Arithmetic
YTD, QTD, MTD Calculations with DAX
DAX Calculations and Measures
Sample Functions: CountALL, ISERROR,ISTEXT, DateFormat and Time Format
Time Intelligence Functions with DAX
Data Analysis Expressions and Functions
Datesytd, Datesqtd, Datesmtd
Endofyear, Endofquarter, Endofmonth
FirstDate, Lastdate, Datesbetween,Closingbalanceyear, Closingbalanceqtr
Sameperiod and Previousmonth Quarter31.Filter Functions

Calculated Columns / Measures :-
Understanding and Creating CalculatedColumns
Understanding and Creating Measures
Difference Measures and Columns

Power BI Deployment :-
Power BI Server Config
Creating Workspaces
Deployment Power BI Desktop Reports
Managing report in Power BI services
Editing Reports in Power BI Servers
Share Dashboards to client users
Security Features in Power BI

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