Excellent learning place. You can learn concepts here and implement in real world projects


The questpond doing awesome work, the tutorial videos are outstanding and step by step, and helps to understand any technology with ease.


I am following Angular Interview question and answer. It's very helpful for me. I recommend to all Angular Lover 🙂


I have been a subscriber for past 5 years. I love their Saturday , Sunday training , step by step videos with project . Whenever i want to switch company i take mock interview from shivprasad koirala sir. Their recent training in Machine learning , Python and SQL Server performance tuning is awesome.

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In my office I was put in an angular project 1.7 and I didn't know any concepts. Having basic knowledge of Javascript, JQuery and .NET I started working on the project. To gain more insights of the concepts, I used to refer videos on YouTube. The one video which I liked on YouTube was 1 hr video on angularjs 1.5.x of Questpond given by ShivPrasad Koriala. Trust me all the content which is available on youTube, this was the best one. It will help you to create your first angularjs app from scratch 2 years later I was put in another project which had plans for starting Angular 7, I started YouTubing again and got a video of Learn Angular6 in 8 hrs. It had 1 long video of 1 hr in which most of the basic concepts that will help you create your first angular application is explained The way ShivPrasad Sir teaches, you feel like you are in a classroom. He puts you in thinking shoes multiple times even in a video. After learning abt the video content, I thought of going to questpond site to check the price of the entire video material. I thought Sir teaches angular in some other part of India as I was interested in his offline training, but to my surprise I found that he teaches in my city Mumbai itself. I enrolled for the course. The way Shiv Sir teaches is like Divine. He is down to earth, has a pool of knowledge of .NET and angular. In fact I came to know that he is an author for Microsoft .NET too and conducts ngIndia which is a showcase for angular technology on behalf of India. His teaching is excellent and he will drill in the concepts till you understand. In his offline training, he answers each and every person's doubt during the lecture. What else you need. He is like a blessing for developers like us who are hungry for knowledge. Superb Shiv Sir, we feel proud that we met you in person

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Excellent content available. Since beginning of my career I am using Shivprasad Koirala Sir's tech vedio and articles. They helped me a lot. I found them here and a lot tutor like them. A very good tutorial team here. Their all content are worthty. If you are a developer and expectiong improvements in yourself, Then choose Questpond. Questpond will help you surely.

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I have learnt so much on MSBI just from the first 2 videos


The resources are through and really helping me to build a full blown MVC application.


5 Stars rating speaks for itself. If you are a hungry and a starving developer you will be more than satisfied with Chef Shivprasad Koirala and his team.... would say their training is equivalent to '3 Michelin Stars' analogous to the restaurant and catering industry! Above all very approachable and down to earth team. Thank you Shivprasad....

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Buying Questpond subscription is worthful for learning IT technologies. All the .Net related topics videos are great. Questpond clears our doubts and helps much when we struck with our task. Quick way of learning is Questpond.

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